College and Youth

Civic activism is a powerful approach for reaching our youth.
LULAC Youth organizations successfully recruit and retain older youth that traditional youth development organizations have a hard time reaching. Further, youth interviewed said that they struggled with negative public perception of their abilities, limited options for employment and support, ready availability of gangs and drugs, premature adult responsibilities, and financial pressures.

Unlike many service-oriented settings that implicitly (or explicitly) blame young people or their families for making bad “choices,” LULAC Youth organizations frequently encouraged youth to turn the microscope off of themselves and onto their institutions and the broader society. Youth were able to name some of the barriers facing their families and communities, such as inadequate school resources, overzealous or inadequate policing, polluted air and water, unsafe working conditions, lack of green spaces, and lack of youth facilities or activities. Many of the LULAC Youth groups provided youth with the tools and resources to strategize and take action to address these barriers.

LULAC Youth groups and their civic activism provides leadership opportunities. Civic activism organizations like LULAC Youth provide our youth the space to focus on their own cultures and backgrounds.


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