Annual LULAC Scholarship Fundraising Event:

This event serves to raise funds for the Foundation’s programs such as our youth conferences & workshops, toys for poor families in Orange County, scholarships to fund other community events and to increase the awareness & presence of LULAC in other cities, schools and universities. The money raised is also used to provide academic enrichment to students from elementary to high school levels.


Annual LULAC Convention and Banquet:

The OCLF helps the LULAC councils with the LULAC Convention and Banquet. It is an exciting, history-making event because it convenes the county delegations of LULAC councils to discuss issues, set policies and elect the organization’s district leaders. For this reason, the LULAC Convention & Banquet makes news and is covered by state and local media. It is the only convention and banquet event in which representatives from Latino communities across the County determine the positions and strategies of this Latino organization. Money raised in this event is used to implement community programs throughout the county such as voter registration, health programs, business and economic development.

The OCLF- Coastline Community College Youth Annual Leadership Academy:

The purpose of this collaborative partnership is to have an Annual Latino Leadership Academy which will establish academic ties between High Schools and Community Colleges and to measure the academic accomplishment of Latino youth. The objective of the collaborative partnership is to contribute and coordinate academic activities on improving student transition from High School to Postsecondary Education. The mission is to academically equip and embellish Latino Youth for professional and vocational career opportunities; particularly after Latino youth graduate from High School. The goal of the Partnership is to demonstrate quantitatively and qualitatively the benefits of preparing youth for successful academic careers in colleges and universities. The outcome is to assist and guide Latino youth with vocational careers and/or college/university degree paths. It is the intent of the partnership to teach the core values of leadership skills, and individual personal self-esteem and capacity building.


LULAC Garden Grove Youth Council:

The purpose for the creation of the LULAC Youth Council 2082 was to educate new youth leaders to take over leadership positions within LULAC, inside their families and in their communities. They are exposed to conduct meetings by following an agenda, creating and recording their minutes, and prepare a simple budget. They also are exposed continuously to speakers from an array of visitors such as elected officials, distinguish community leaders and prominent professionals. The LULAC Youth attend banquets, conferences and seminars as volunteers and continuously are improving their communications skills and most importantly they are discovering their leadership skills. Civic activism provides a forum for youth to reflect on and address the day-to-day challenges faced by their families and communities.

Annual Toy Drive & Distribution:

This is one of the most rewarding events were the Foundation and the Adult & Youth Councils gets involve. This program starts at the end of September by establishing the committee responsible to filing the toy requests with other organizations. These group of volunteers will collect an average of 3,600 before December of each year. Toys are distributed first to local LULAC councils and poor families in Orange County.

California LULAC Archival Preservation and Oral History Project:

In January of 2012, the Orange County LULAC Foundation (OCLF) and the Center for Oral and Public History (COPH), California State University, Fullerton agreed to work together to support the “California LULAC Archival Preservation and Oral History Project” at California State University, Fullerton. The project includes four objectives: 1. Archival preservation and access. 2. Oral history interviews. 3. Training students in the preservation of archives and the production of oral history interviews. 4. Fundraising and institutional support for objectives 1, 2, and 3. Go to the Project page (webpage link above) to view more details and updates.

Collaborative relations with the OC Community:

The OCLF believes we are not the only organization protecting our civil rights in Orange County. Like LULAC, there are other organizations defending our communities against any individual or organizations that do not represent our true American value. The OCLF have established collaborative alliances with other civil rights, faith and ethnic community organizations in Orange County. The OCLF salutes the history of Latino Heritage and their contribution to California and the United State’s economy and culture. But we also believe that like us there other heritages with the same experiences as ours. We commemorate their contribution too. LULAC believes that strong US-Latino relations is an area that is essential to improve the quality of life for Latinos/Hispanics living in the US and in the southern part of our hemisphere.